Price changes and charges from 15th May 2024:

Initial Consultation £155

Duration 60-90 minutes
The fee includes:

  • Initial extensive and individualised case taking and case work
  • Evaluation of general level of health, medical and family history
  • Researching past treatments and medications
  • Researching any complexities
  • Researching and Repertorising the individualised remedies
  • Tailoring the Treatment plan and preparing the Homeopathic remedies and any other additional requirements, if needed, such as Homeobotanical drops or Flower Essences etc
  • Brief free 15 minutes (Book the 15 Minute Discovery call slot for this) if any confusion or need for support arises once you have started the medications.

Please see below for remedy costs

Follow Up Consultation £99

Duration 30-45 minutes
The fee includes:

  • Evaluation and assessment of remedy reaction and progress
  • Review of symptoms and any new complaints or changes
  • Any further research and case work required.
  • Adjustments to the treatment plan and preparing new set of remedies or Formulas required.

Please see below for remedy costs

Acute Consultation £55

Duration 20 minutes
The fee includes:

  • Mini Consultation for symptoms of the acute situation
  • Remedy usually provided in small or medium bottle depending on the need. Homeobotanical drops if needed.

Please see below for remedy costs

Remedy Cost

All remedies are at an extra charge and not included in the consultation fees:

  • Weekly Homeopathic Remedies £8
  • Daily Support Remedies – Small Bottle £4, Medium Bottle £8
  • HDT Detox Remedies – 4 Week Course £8, 8 Week Course £15
  • Homeobotanical Drops 30ml £25
  • Flower Essences 30ml £12.50
  • Chickweed Cream 50ml £6, 60ml £8, 500ml £35

NOTE: Remedies ordered in between appointments or on request: Small Bottle £5, Medium Bottle £10 this includes extra time taken out for preparing the remedies.

Postage And Packaging:

  • UK P&P £5
  • International P&P £15